sexta-feira, fevereiro 15, 2008

dmx krew

One of the UK’s original electro producers, Ed Dmx aka Dmx Krew has released a slew of EPs and albums that touch on pop, disco, old school electro and ghetto. In straight-talking mode, he sets the record straight on the lack of innovative electronic music, his relationship with Rephlex and his distrust of the music industry. Check out his live/DJ set at Bloc.

Electro was hyped up for a few years and now, the proper stuff seems to have retreated back underground - how has this affected you?
“Thankfully I’m still very busy with gigs, but the whole scene, especially the part I’m involved in, has got much smaller. It seems that no one knows what dance music is anymore, no one knows what techno or electro is anymore. People seem to think techno is all about the Love Parade and German guys with funny haircuts, and everyone thinks that electro is cheesy house music or four skinny guys wearing ties. I just wish that all the rock guys would piss off back to indie and leave electro alone. At the same time, who wants to hear yet another electro track with the ‘Planet Rock’ drums and a robot vocodered vocal?”

Are you saying that there are too few original ideas and producers?
“Yes. Anyone who goes into a studio and thinks ‘I’m going to make a house track or an electro record’ has already destroyed any chance that they had of making anything new or challenging. Remember how exciting dubstep was back in 2002 when everyone was still calling it grime? Now that everyone knows that it’s called dubstep and all of those records sound the same. By the same logic, of course electro is boring: it’s 25 years old, of course house is boring as well. A lot of the electro from the US and Europe that is coming out now sounds like it was made 10 years ago.”

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