segunda-feira, maio 29, 2006

shit robot . wrong galaxy / triumph [12" dfa, 2006]

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The latest release from DFA's ever virile stud-farm, Shit Robot (aka Marcus Lambkin) certainly knows his Carl Craig - with this mislabeled 12" (it says 33rpm... it isn't) harking back to his 69 days. Coated in the disco-fed predilection that is almost compulsive where James Murphy and Tim Goldsworthy are involved, Shit Robot combines an American-head with a European-body - taking it's cues from Detroit, Berlin and Cologne, then spinning it off in a breathless direction all of it's own. Pumped full of 909 and liberally dripping in handclaps, the A 'Wrong Galaxy' is a balls-to-the-wall fusion of techno and high-kicking disco, whilst over on the other 'Triumph' favours a slow-build of cyclical melodies and DFA rhythms that demands some hands-in-the air. Like you just don't care...

não me apetece escrever muito e o texto da boomkat deixa por uma vez o tom publicitário ("you must have!" "buy it now!") e acerta em cheio no alvo. shit robot é dfa não caracteristico da dfa mas que não poderia ser editado noutro sítio que não a dfa. faz sentido?
aqui está o link para o myspace (descoberta recente e que faz sentir um autêntico colombo a desembarcar num admirável mundo novo) de shit robot.