quarta-feira, setembro 29, 2004

30 discos para os primeiros 9 meses de 2004

!!! . Louden Up Now (Touch And Go)
Alter Ego . Transphormer (Klang)
Animal Collective . Sung Tongs (FatCat)
Biosphere . Autour De La Lune (Touch)
cLOUDDEAD . Ten (Big Dada)
DJ Signify . Sleep No More (Lex)
Diplo . Florida (Big Dada)
Dizzee Rascal . Showtime (XL)
Fennesz . Venice (Touch)
Homelife . Guru Man Hubcap Lady (Ninja Tune)
James Cotton . The Dancing Box (Spectral)
Jill Scott . Beautifully Human: Words and Sounds, Vol. 2 (Sony Music)
Junior Boys . Last Exit (Electrokin)
Kiki . Run With Me (Bpitch Control)
Madvillain . Madvillainy (Stones Throw)
Matthew Dear . Leave Luck To Heaven (Spectral)
Melchior Productions . The Meaning (Playhouse)
Moodymann . Black Mahogani (Peacefrog)
Mouse On Mars . Radical Connector (Sonig)
Pan Sonic . Kesto (Mute)
Richard Bartz . Midnight Man (Gigolo)
Robag Wruhme . Wuzzelbud "KK" (Musik Krause)
Rotating Assembly, The . Natural Aspirations (Sound Signature)
Sixtoo . Chewing on Glass & Other Miracle Cures (Ninja Tune)
Spektrum . Enter The Spektrum (Playhouse)
Squarepusher . Ultravisitor (Warp)
Superpitcher . Here Comes Love (Kompakt)
Thomas Brinkmann . Tokyo + 1 (Max Ernst)
Vladislav Delay . Demo(n) Tracks (Huume)
Wagon Christ . Sorry I Make You Lush (Ninja Tune)

Com tendência a crescer, a ver se chega aos cinquenta até ao final do ano.